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7 Lies People Believe About Miscarriage (and Infertility)

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month! The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the prominence of pregnancy loss and infant death, and to offer support to bereaved families that have lost children during pregnancy or shortly after birth. In honor of this, I just wanted to share some information with you… Continue reading 7 Lies People Believe About Miscarriage (and Infertility)


The Emotional Impact of Pregnancy Loss

My husband and I recently experienced our second *pregnancy loss. We've made 2 babies, but we have no children. And if we're being honest - even right now, typing that sentence and seeing it in black & white really just tripped me out. A little background: My first pregnancy ended over 2 years ago after… Continue reading The Emotional Impact of Pregnancy Loss


My Ectopic Pregnancy Story

It's exactly 8:04 am right now as I type this, on January 14, 2018. I'm in a hospital bed, my husband asleep in a recliner to my immediate left. As I take in my current surroundings it's hard to believe that just a short 24 hours ago we were at home, sitting up in bed… Continue reading My Ectopic Pregnancy Story


Things I’m Thankful For After Miscarriage

In life, most of the time it's easier to dwell on what we don't have rather than what we do have. This can be especially true if you are going through miscarriage or infertility because your focus is on the baby that seems to be missing. It's hard to find the good in that, if… Continue reading Things I’m Thankful For After Miscarriage

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Scriptures For Pregnancy Loss & Infertility

Okay, so can I be honest? Promise you won't judge me? When I first learned of my miscarriage, I was mad at God. It seemed that I was mad at everyone actually, but I felt particularly and especially angry with God. I felt like He had personally let me down. I blamed Him for things He… Continue reading Scriptures For Pregnancy Loss & Infertility


Breaking The Silence: I Had A Baby

It's October and I'm excited! I just bought 5 different fall nail polish shades & put out all my fall candles at home. Most people are gearing up for Halloween, buying their pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, headed to cider mills, or appreciating the fact that all FOUR pro-sports are simultaneously being played this month.… Continue reading Breaking The Silence: I Had A Baby


Everything You Need To Know About A D&C

Disclaimer: This blog contains things that may be considered sensitive information to some people, so if bodily fluids make you squirm then you might want to find another post to read 🙂

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What’s In A Name?: Why We Named Our Miscarried Baby

One of the first things hubby and I decided to do after we lost our little one was to give him/her a name. I'm not going to lie, it felt weird at first...naming someone who never lived a day on this Earth. Nobody ever said this but I feel to most other people who knew… Continue reading What’s In A Name?: Why We Named Our Miscarried Baby


Men Hurt Too

Can I be honest with y'all? I mean brutally honest? When we first miscarried, I felt like I had more "reason" to grieve than my husband did. I mean, I was the one who carried the child, I had the physical connection, I was the one being poked and prodded at every doctor visit and… Continue reading Men Hurt Too


The Day My World Came Crashing Down: A Miscarriage Story

So I've already shared the story about finding out I was pregnant. That day was crazy! Despite being completely freaked was a special, surreal moment and a happy memory that I will cherish in my heart forever; you can find that blog here. When we got pregnant, we just expected a healthy baby to… Continue reading The Day My World Came Crashing Down: A Miscarriage Story