The Emotional Impact of Pregnancy Loss

My husband and I recently experienced our second *pregnancy loss. We've made 2 babies, but we have no children. And if we're being honest - even right now, typing that sentence and seeing it in black & white really just tripped me out. A little background: My first pregnancy ended over 2 years ago after… Continue reading The Emotional Impact of Pregnancy Loss


Surviving The Holidays After Miscarriage

Last year, somewhere in between Thanksgiving and the first few days of December, my husband and I unexpectedly conceived our first child. I revealed the pregnancy to him by giving him two Christmas ornaments to hang on our tree with the big news written on them - he was super excited! That entire holiday season was spent… Continue reading Surviving The Holidays After Miscarriage


Things I’m Thankful For After Miscarriage

In life, most of the time it's easier to dwell on what we don't have rather than what we do have. This can be especially true if you are going through miscarriage or infertility because your focus is on the baby that seems to be missing. It's hard to find the good in that, if… Continue reading Things I’m Thankful For After Miscarriage

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Scriptures For Pregnancy Loss & Infertility

Okay, so can I be honest? Promise you won't judge me? When I first learned of my miscarriage, I was mad at God. It seemed that I was mad at everyone actually, but I felt particularly and especially angry with God. I felt like He had personally let me down. I blamed Him for things He… Continue reading Scriptures For Pregnancy Loss & Infertility


Everything You Need To Know About A D&C

Disclaimer: This blog contains things that may be considered sensitive information to some people, so if bodily fluids make you squirm then you might want to find another post to read 🙂


Our Small Memorial Service For August

Well, this past weekend was my due date. August 26, 2016. And to be honest, it was just as hard as I thought it was going to be. August 27th was the due date as calculated by the date of my LMP (last menstrual period), but August 26th was the estimated due date from our dating… Continue reading Our Small Memorial Service For August

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What’s In A Name?: Why We Named Our Miscarried Baby

One of the first things hubby and I decided to do after we lost our little one was to give him/her a name. I'm not going to lie, it felt weird at first...naming someone who never lived a day on this Earth. Nobody ever said this but I feel to most other people who knew… Continue reading What’s In A Name?: Why We Named Our Miscarried Baby