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In continued acknowledgement of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month, I am sharing this mother’s story on grieving after loss. I can identify so much with every word she has written here, check it out!

Erin Haligowski

The past week has been hard.I have cried. A lot. This is the reality of child loss, and of grief, and of trying to find a new normal during a season of life where nothing–nothing–feels normal anymore. Because life isn’t how it should be.

There is no fixing this. Losing Alexander will not ever be okay. A lot of people’s lives have started to go back to “normal,” but ours hasn’t. And it won’t.But, a really wise doctor told us to keep taking forward steps.

Here’s the truth: forward steps are hard. They’re not impossible, but they’re damn hard and take a lot of work. And they often involve tears. Thisbroken heart of mine is the heaviest thing I’ve ever had to carry.

But I’m committed to the journey. I’m committed to taking forward steps, and to learning to carry this grief and this loss. I’m committed…

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October 15th

Sharing this beautiful story on still birth and pregnancy & infant loss awareness.

The Face of a Mother

My fiancé and I picked our wedding date in July of 2015. We both love the fall so we chose October 15, 2016. I loved the way the numbers sounded together (I’m a numbers and dates person) We found out we were pregnant with our first child on November 12, 2015. We were so excited to be having our first child, we had been trying for so long! We thought about our wedding and I as a mother (a very protective one) knew that I didn’t want to take away from her early months of life outside the womb to plan a wedding. I felt it wouldn’t be fair to her; I just wanted to focus on her. So we changed the wedding to October 7, 2017. We had our scheduled induction on June 29, 2016. When we arrived at the hospital, our world was shattered when we found out…

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Breaking The Silence: I Had A Baby

It's October and I'm excited! I just bought 5 different fall nail polish shades & put out all my fall candles at home. Most people are gearing up for Halloween, buying their pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, headed to cider mills, or appreciating the fact that all FOUR pro-sports are simultaneously being played this month.… Continue reading Breaking The Silence: I Had A Baby


Everything You Need To Know About A D&C

Disclaimer: This blog contains things that may be considered sensitive information to some people, so if bodily fluids make you squirm then you might want to find another post to read 🙂


Our Small Memorial Service For August

Well, this past weekend was my due date. August 26, 2016. And to be honest, it was just as hard as I thought it was going to be. August 27th was the due date as calculated by the date of my LMP (last menstrual period), but August 26th was the estimated due date from our dating… Continue reading Our Small Memorial Service For August

Miscarriage, Pregnancy

What’s In A Name?: Why We Named Our Miscarried Baby

One of the first things hubby and I decided to do after we lost our little one was to give him/her a name. I'm not going to lie, it felt weird at first...naming someone who never lived a day on this Earth. Nobody ever said this but I feel to most other people who knew… Continue reading What’s In A Name?: Why We Named Our Miscarried Baby


5 Ways You Can Help Someone Who Has Had A Miscarriage

  When someone you love tells you they've had a miscarriage, it can be very hard to figure out what to do for that person. I know firsthand there are things that family and friends did for me that helped me tremendously! Here are a few suggestions!  1. Send a card  ...or a text, email,… Continue reading 5 Ways You Can Help Someone Who Has Had A Miscarriage


5 Things I Did To Cope With Pregnancy Loss

Losing a loved one can be awful. When that loved one is a child, whom you never had the chance to meet; it's proves to be a very unique type of loss. I struggled (and still do) with our miscarriage. It is just a different kind of loss. There are usually no funerals, no announcements on Facebook,… Continue reading 5 Things I Did To Cope With Pregnancy Loss


Men Hurt Too

Can I be honest with y'all? I mean brutally honest? When we first miscarried, I felt like I had more "reason" to grieve than my husband did. I mean, I was the one who carried the child, I had the physical connection, I was the one being poked and prodded at every doctor visit and… Continue reading Men Hurt Too


The Day My World Came Crashing Down: A Miscarriage Story

So I've already shared the story about finding out I was pregnant. That day was crazy! Despite being completely freaked out...it was a special, surreal moment and a happy memory that I will cherish in my heart forever; you can find that blog here. When we got pregnant, we just expected a healthy baby to… Continue reading The Day My World Came Crashing Down: A Miscarriage Story