A Quick Thought On Mother’s Day

Today, all over the country people are celebrating the women who gave them life. And rightfully so, I mean my mother is everything to me.

She is the best listener and friend.

Her strength is unmatched.

My mom is quite literally the wisest and most beautiful woman I know. What’s most important – she introduced me to Jesus and lives a life that I can look to as a Godly example of a wife, mother, and woman.

And my grandmother…she has to be the sweetest lady on the entire planet. She is a giver, she always sacrifices for her family – even when it hurts her. She prays with me, she teaches me how to cook, and we have a very special bond.

I was also very close with my grandmother, Lois, who is no longer with me. She was the epitome of grace, class, and thoughtfulness. I miss her dearly. Today I honor my mother and both grandmothers. If your mom is living, make sure you give her a call today. Go see her. Hug her and tell her you love her!

I think it is so important to have an entire day set aside to celebrate motherhood! Women  do it all and surely deserve the recognition. I also recognize that this day may not be as celebratory for some.

While a lot of us have our mothers here with us, some of us have experienced loss. Make sure to reach out to the person in your life who has lost their mother or grandmother. Their heart will be a little heavy today and it would be nice to hear from you.

Don’t forget those you know whose mother may be living, but are not a part of their life. I’m thinking of people I know who have incarcerated mothers or otherwise estranged mothers. Reach out to them today.

There are also mothers out there who are estranged from their children. Maybe their children are in jail, caught up in addiction, or not speaking to them. These mothers can feel like a failure. Make time to acknowledge them today, too.

Some of us are longing to be mothers but are struggling with infertility. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here – infertility just flat out sucks. It is extremely difficult to try and fail month after month after month to start a family. For these women, Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder of their unrealized and much longed for dreams. Find a way to reach out to her today.

Then there are those mothers who have experienced loss. Some of us have carried babies in the womb but our unborn children never made it home. This day is hard for them. Some mothers have even had to bury their once living children after losing them to illness, violence, or accidents. Their hearts will be heavy today. A grieving mother is still a mother, and though you may not physically see her children she should be recognized for the sacrifices she made and the love she gave while her children were here with her; no matter how long that was.

If nothing else, please take this with you: Motherhood is an amazing honor and great privilege! Moms make the world go ’round. Remember the sheer magnitude of this today and reflect on how blessed it is to be able to call or be called “Mommy”. I love you all and Happy Mother’s Day!


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