10 Positive Ways to Show a Friend You Care After Her Miscarriage 

Great blog post on things you can do to help a friend after a miscarriage! Check it out! #miscarriageawareness #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth

RoJo and Evie: a Preemie NICU Journey

After suffering from a miscarriage I was made painfully aware of how ignorant the average Joe is to pregnancy loss. From brutally worded responses telling us to “just try again,” to being told that I “wasn’t that pregnant,” to having our loss completely ignored, an overwhelming amount of our friends and peers had less than positive responses to our miscarriage. It quickly came to our attention that people simply did not know what to say to or do for us in our time of need. While this shocked me, I believe it is the result of decade after decade of our society percieving pregnancy loss as a thing of shame. Something best kept hidden away and never spoken of again by the woman or her partner.

When preparing this particular post I did a bit of admittedly limited research. I reached out the women in my…

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Nikkie J.

Just a young lady from Detroit. I'm a Christ follower, wife to Marcus, med student, mommy to a fur baby and mommy to two babies born into heaven. It is my intent that through sharing my story, you are given the courage to share yours as well; whatever that story may be. For those out there who have experienced pregnancy loss or infertility, I hope that something you read here will provide as much healing, peace, and comfort for you as it did for me to write it. I want you to know that there is hope on the other side of this heartbreak. There is a rainbow after the rain! I love to connect with my readers so feel free to comment or contact me, let's talk! Happy reading and God Bless!

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